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About Battlefords Chamber of Commerce


The Battlefords Chamber of Commerce is a leading business organization in Saskatchewan that strives to make The Battlefords one of the best places to work, live and play.  The Chamber focuses its activities in the following areas:



The Battlefords Chamber of Commerce provides a cohesive business network for its members to expand their business contacts.



Our strong and vibrant membership and their employees act as a single powerful voice through the Chamber to promote local business interests.



The value added benefits, programs and services of the Battlefords Chamber of Commerce are aimed at improving the bottom line of Chamber Members.


The volunteer Board of Directors oversees the operations of the Chamber.  Volunteer committees and task forces, supported by 3 staff members, drive the actions of the Chamber and carry out many of the initiatives and special projects on behalf of the membership.


What does the Chamber really do?

As a question often asked or thought of, the Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst for business people to work together to create a strong and vibrant economy and enhance the quality of life in our community.


The Chamber reduces barriers, opens new markets for business, provides a cohesive business network and provides programs and services which have a positive impact on your bottom line.  In any community, a vibrant economy generates the tax base that finances all of the social, educational, cultural, and charitable activities.